Revolving Visa Cards

Our revolving credit cards from Visa provide you with the ability to avoid delaying important purchases and our market-beating interest rates mean that you have flexibility in repayments.

Visa Classic Card, Visa Gold Card, Visa Infinite Card
(Your passport to a luxurious lifestyle **)


Key Features
  • Market-beating interest rates on credit card balances
  • Track your spending and balance on our e-banking system
  • Attractive loyalty program
  • Loss and theft insurance
  • Customer support number exclusive to card customers
  • Ideal for travel: you can supplement your monthly limit by an extra deposit which will available on the card within two hours
Useful Information
  • Billing date: 25th of each month
  • Between the billing date and the 10th of the next month, you have the opportunity to repay outstanding balances interest-free
Cash Withdrawal Limits
  • Up to USD 1,000 daily cash withdrawal limit on Classic cards
  • Up to USD 2,000 daily cash withdrawal limit on Gold cards
  • Up to USD 5,000 cash withdrawal limit on Infinite cards
Required Documents
  • No nationality or residence requirements
  • Copy of ID or valid passport
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of residence

Security Tips

Card Security
  • Never write down your PIN and instead memorize it.
  • Never disclose your PIN number to anyone, even LSB staff.
  • Always verify the transaction amount before signing a sales receipt.
  • Report lost or stolen cards to us immediately.
ATM Security
  • Make sure that no one nearby can view your PIN or transaction amount.
  • Do not count cash while standing at an ATM.
  • Always make sure to withdraw your card and transaction record after finishing a cash transaction.
Travel Security
1. Before the trip
  • Check the expiry date on your cards to avoid their expiry during your trip.
  • Check the amount of credit available and your account balance.
2. During your trip
  • Make sure cards are in a safe and secured place.
  • In case of loss or theft of your card when outside the country or when you suspect that someone has stolen your credit card information, LSB’s e-Banking portal allows you to immediately block your card anywhere and at any time of day
3. After the trip
  • Keep your receipts and check your monthly statements carefully. In case of any irregularities, immediately contact your branch.