Charge Visa Cards

Our charge cards from Visa allow you to manage your monthly spending interest-free.

Visa Classic Charge Card, Visa Gold Charge Card, Visa Infinite Charge Card


Key Features
  • Track your spending and balance on our e-banking system
  • Attractive loyalty program
  • Loss and theft insurance
  • Customer support number exclusive to customers
  • You can pay your bill early, and the billing cycle will be renewed without any extra charge or hassle for you
  • Ideal for travel: you can supplement your monthly limit by an extra deposit which will available on the card within two hours
Useful Information
  • Payment due date: 24th of each month
Cash Withdrawal Limits
  • Up to USD 1,000 cash withdrawal limit on Classic cards
  • Up to USD2,000 cash withdrawal limit on Gold cards
  • Up to USD5,000 cash withdrawal limit on Infinite cards
Required Documents
  • No nationality or residence requirements
  • Copy of ID or valid passport
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of residence



Offer will depend on client characteristics and income.

Visa Internet Charge Card

We can also offer you a version of our charge card specifically optimised for online use. Annual fees for this card are USD45, including loss and theft insurance and payment is due on the 24th of each month.

Security Tips

Card Security
  • Never write down your PIN and instead memorize it.
  • Never disclose your PIN number to anyone, even LSB staff.
  • Always verify the transaction amount before signing a sales receipt.
  • Report lost or stolen cards to us immediately.
ATM Security
  • Make sure that no one nearby can view your PIN or transaction amount.
  • Do not count cash while standing at an ATM.
  • Always make sure to withdraw your card and transaction record after finishing a cash transaction.
Travel Security
1. Before the trip
  • Check the expiry date on your cards to avoid their expiry during your trip.
  • Check the amount of credit available and your account balance.
2. During your trip
  • Make sure cards are in a safe and secured place.
  • In case of loss or theft of your card when outside the country or when you suspect that someone has stolen your credit card information, LSB’s e-Banking portal allows you to immediately block your card anywhere and at any time of day
3. After the trip
  • Keep your receipts and check your monthly statements carefully. In case of any irregularities, immediately contact your branch.