Introducing Our New E-Banking Services

LSB proudly presents our new e-banking system. Register for our new and free e-banking service today, and benefit from a whole range of exciting new features.

New Features

  • The e-banking service is free of charge
  • Instantly disable your credit and debit cards in case of loss or theft
  • Submit a checkbook application online; your branch will notify when your checkbook is ready for pickup
  • No more waiting for value dates- get access to your account's entire status balance
  • Free transfers between your accounts
  • Comfortably trace all your e-banking activities with a customizable online log
  • Access account-related correspondence from your branch within the e-banking
  • Additional security, with dual factor authentication
  • Use the forgot password feature to instantly receive a temporary password and access your e-banking account
  • Instantly receive SMS and email notifications for your e-banking activities
  • Customize your account names to better keep track of your savings and spending
  • Find out your IBAN number hassle-free
  • Change your email and phone number, to receive communication from LSB

I would like to subscribe to LSB’s online banking services for the first time. How do I register for LSB’s new e-banking?
When you next visit your local branch, please request your e-banking access. Your branch staff will process your application, and you will have e-banking access in less than an hour!
I am subscribed to the previous online banking system. How do I register for LSB’s new e-banking?
Simply visit our e-banking site, and log-in as usual. For security reasons, you will be prompted to change your username and password and answer 3 security questions, and immediately after this you will be able to use our new e-banking services.