Being a highly service-oriented bank, we believe that people are our most valuable asset and we want LSB to grow together with its employees. We believe in creating an environment in which people can thrive and offer equal opportunities to all, regardless of religion, ethnic background, gender, age or disability.



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Our Values


  • We stand firmly by what is right.
  • We maintain a high degree of internal and external accountability.


  • We are committed to serving clients with the personal care that each of them deserves.


  • We do not charge hidden fees and charges, or sell overpriced auxiliary products and we set the highest industry standards in disclosing the characteristics of our products.


  • Clients are at the heart of our work and we care deeply about our clients’ business and personal development.


  • We recognize that clients need a responsible and responsive partner for their banking needs and we focus on our individual relationships with clients.


  • We recognize that in an increasingly fast-paced world, opportunities can be fleeting and the speed of banking services crucial to our clients. Our internal decision-making process means that we deliver quick and decisive decisions, maximizing clients’ ability to realize opportunities and our ability to stay engaged with the business process on the ground.