Our Structure

See below our board of directors, as well as our senior and mid-level management. Details on our corporate governance structure can be found in the two PDFs at the end of the page.

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Tanal Sabbah
    Chairman and General Manager
  • Ms. Fadila Sabbah
    Branches' Coordinator
  • Mr. Issa Sahyoun
    Head of Board Audit Committee
  • Mr. Aouni Ramadan
    Head of Board Compliance Committee
  • Mr. Charbel Awad
    Head of Board Remuneration Committee and member of Board Audit Committee
  • Mr. Mounir Karam
    Head of Board Risk Management Committee and member of Board Compliance and Remuneration committee
  • Mr. Hadi Kabalan
    Member of Board Audit and Risk Management committees
  • Mr. Louis Abi Habib
    Member of Board Risk Management, Compliance and Remuneration committees
  • Mr. Omro Ben Fayez Al Kouwatli


Senior Management

  • Dr. Tanal Sabbah
    Chairman and General Manager
  • Ms. Fadila Sabbah
    Senior Manager – Branches Coordinator
  • Ms. Jeanine Deliferian
    Senior Manager- Financial Controller
  • Mr. Youssef Fakih
    Senior Manager- Head of Corporate Banking Department
  • Mr. Nasri Bakhos
    Senior Manager- PMO-IT - HR & Admin Group

General Management

  • Miss Maha Hamzeh
    Head of Internal Audit
  • Mr. Gilbert Kweifetieh
    Head of Treasury & Capital Markets
  • Mrs. Rima Saad Kazan
    Head of Human Resources
  • Mr. Rony El Habre
    Head of Information Technology
  • Mrs. Diana Khoury
    MIS Manager
  • Mr. Walid El-Osta
    Head of Information Security
  • Mrs. Maria Chkeiban
    Head of Trade Finance
  • Ms. Zeinab Chatila
    Head of Central Operations
  • Mr. Jihad Haddad
    Head of Compliance Department
  • Ms. Nada Fyad Jomaa
    Head of AML/CFT unit
  • Mrs. Sonia Hobeich
    Head of Regulatory Compliance Unit
  • Mrs. Ghina Nasser
    Head of Cards Unit
  • Mr. Sami Khalaf
    Head of Administration
  • Mrs. Krystel Abou Nader Gedeon
    Head of Marketing Unit
  • Mr. Paul El Aaraj
    Deputy Head of Corporate Credit
  • Mr. Habib Abi Gebrayel
    Deputy Head of Corporate Credit
  • Mr. Walid Chamoun
    Head of Credit Admin. Dept.
  • Mrs. Mireille Lattouf
    Head of Foreign Relations and Corres. Banking | Head of Customer Protection Unit
  • Mrs. Gladis Kanaan
    Manager of Branches Administration Dept.
  • Mrs. Maya Badran
    Head of Training
  • Mr. Fadi Ashkouti
    Head of Risk Management
  • Mr. Elie Bawaridi
    Head of Unit Retail & SME
  • Miss Nadine Baaklini
    Head of Retail Unit
  • Mr. Rayan Sabbah
    Head of Strategy Department
  • Mrs. Kathy Kanaan
    Head of Organization Department